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Build websites like never before

  • Manage all websites and their content in one place.

  • Create and post blogs to build shareable content.

  • Optimize your content for search engines to increase hits.

  • Choose from a gallery of templates to create pages easily.

website builde software

Website Builder

Built website with drag and drop built-in feature website builder allows you to design and develop websites and webpages using preset settings.

website builder
manage websites

Manage Websites

NinjaSites provides a complete website management solution you can use to build, grow and market your business.

custom domains

Custom Domains

Easily assign a domain to website in a few clicks and make it stand out from the competition.

create error pages

Create Error Pages

Create error pages that are engaging and visually pleasing to enhance customer experience.

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Built-in SEO

Increase website performance and improve search engine rankings like never before with seo functionalities added with ninjasites website builder.

built-in seo
manage seo

Manage SEO

Tell search engine what your webpage is all about by writing meta title and description while creating

keyword support

Keyword Support

Assign target keywords and publish pages for those keywords for improved search rankings.

robots tag

Robots Tag

Make search engines follow certain rules on your website to ensure better seo practices with robots tag.

page grader

Page Grader

Monitor your website keywords with the page grader option which will show keyword ranking

alt tag

Alt Tag

Alt text provides better image context for built-in search engine crawlers, helping them to index the image properly. This freedom enables you to focus on other aspects of your website rather than taking time to write captivating copy.

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Free SSL Certificate

Keep your user data safe, verify ownership, prevent phishing attacks, win user trust, and develop a secured and most stabilized website by acquiring a free ssl certificate along with the website creation with drag-and-drop options.

free ssl certificate
browser compatibility

Browser Compatibility

Our ssl certificate is supportive in every browser - be it mac or windows or mozilla. Earn the compatibility score and make sure of the security for the users who navigate across multiple browsers from multiple locations.

no cost certificate

No Cost Certificate

No need to buy or purchase the certificate if you’re building a website with ninjasites. We offer a free certificate with high-end security features. Have a padlock when your site is opened to develop a win-win strategy while developing your website.

padlock symbol & https domain

Padlock Symbol & HTTPS Domain

Padlock symbol signifies security and it’s a sign of winning a high level of trust whoever visits your website. On the other hand, have https before your domain to notify search engines and the target audiences that the site is safe and secure to navigate through.

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Web Forms

Collect information, files, and money from clients, workers, and friends with ease. Wufoo's strong capabilities allow you to create unique web forms in minutes. Automate your operations and collect data and payments.

web forms
contact form

Contact Form

Use one of ninjasites's numerous templates to get started on your website's contact form. Any visitor can send a message to the site owner by filling out and submitting the form. This allows you to receive messages from visitors without having to give out your email address to spammers.

lead generation form

Lead Generation Form

Collect leads for your company with ease. Manage your lead data with a single point of entry that collects and sends data to your system. Use our lead generating form templates to generate leads.

order form

Order Form

Adapt one of these product order form templates to increase your online sales. In one digital workspace, you can upload product photographs, accept payments, and manage your orders. Add online purchase forms to your website and share them on social media to boost your company.

survey form

Survey Form

Create questions on your site that will allow you to collect quantitative and qualitative feedback. Create a new survey and collaborate on it with others. Discover visitor information that can help you enhance the performance of your website.

registration form

Registration Form

Embed it on your website and collect data from potential consumers so you can improve your organization, scheduling, and planning skills. Any user would be able to register on your website as a result of this.

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Custom 404 Page

It can be a mistyped url or a broken link that triggers a 404 error page which is the server’s response to a page that does not exist.

custom 404 page
html build

HTML Build

You may aid individuals who have come on this "non-existent" page by providing some useful information that will lead them in the proper direction. Add some information about why the page is no longer available.

interactive design templates

Interactive Design Templates

Each package includes useful, practical templates created by specialists that are ready to use in your everyday job. They're also completely licensed for commercial usage, so you may use them right away in client projects or professional assignments.



Customize your 404 page with default template or you can upload any one of your choice like you can add vector game, graphic or any quote

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Unlimited Domains

Select some of the extenshion for your domains from nijasites offers tlds .In, .Com, .Cc, .Co.In, .Org, .Info, .Net, .Co this are the some of the extenshions which are foorered by the ninjasites

unlimited domains
dns access

DNS Access

Allows users to categorize and archive search terms without needing to remember ip addresses. Dns system constantly updates ip address so that users can avoid important efforts.



C-name is also called (canonical name) record is a type of resource record in the domain name system that maps one domain name to another. This can prove convenient when running multiple servers from a single ip.

domain url

Domain URL

Create customized url by integrating the c-name given by the domain winder ​where you buy the domain from copy the c-name from there and past the c-name and create the url.

Find out more about Unlimited Domains

Custom HTML

Html is a standard language for website creation with the help of html code which is the default for a template you can change if you are aware of html coding

custom html
unlimited pages

Unlimited Pages

With ninjasites you can create as many web pages and websites as you like with this simple website builder. You receive limitless high-performance storage

online editor

Online Editor

Ninjasites has an online editor built-in that allows you to construct your websites whenever and anywhere you want. For example, you may use it on your laptop or tablet while travelling, or you can use it on your desktop at home.

module settings

Module Settings

Edit default html code or write code for website, webpage, or block while with html code you can also check what happening or you can write the html code from scratch.

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Ninjasites has a feature cdn (content delivery network) which the server is located at different places in the world and helps you to improve the website loading time the server connects to the nearest server location so you won't face any site loading issue.

minimized load time and latency

Minimized Load Time and Latency

Cdn in ninjasites decrease your site loding time and improves your site speed. Provides you fast delivery of internet content.

manage traffic peaks

Manage Traffic Peaks

With ninjasites will keep the internet traffic closer to the servers by sending it to different data centers depending on proximity. So that, websites makes it easier to maintain speed and connect with customers faster

high guarded encryption

High Guarded Encryption

Cdn is secured features provided by the ninjasites all the 6 data centers are secured and all the sites are well protected with firewall.

Find out more about CDN

CSS and Javascript

Ninjasites is a web design service that provides css and javascript to help you design your web page. With this service, you do not need to have any technical abilities in order to create a website.

css and javascript
dynamic webpages

Dynamic webpages

With ninjasites, get dynamic websites or webpages with the help of javascript code. Everything you need to create and deploy the best dynamic websites

layout design

Layout design

Change the page's design, text, style, with the help of layout design, and you can design accordingly to the screen size like mobile and desktop webpage.

platform independent

Platform Independent

Because javascript is interpreted by browsers, it eliminates the need for compilation and compatibility. As result, runs on windows, macintosh, and other netscape-compatible platforms. It's also possible to embed them in any other script that uses javascript, such as html.

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Image Library

You may use the image library to manage and preserve all of a client's photographs. You may change the picture once it's been posted to your site in any manner you choose.

image library
upload image

Upload Image

Upload and save the images in repository for your webpages in image library. Access them whenever and wherever you want.



Ninjasites allows you to change the height and width of your images to fit your needs for your website or webpage.

accepts all formats

Accepts all formats

Ninjasites it accepts all image formats to upload and there you can save for an upload and schedule them to publish on your webpage

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A content management system (cms) is a software program that allows you to manage your website's content. It enables you to create and manage all of your website's content.



Cms in ninjasites has a feature of security of your content of your business which you where deciding to communicate with your customers

create and edit content

Create and Edit Content

Ceate and edit the content of your business website and webpages with the help of cms in ninjasites

scalability, and performance

Scalability, and Performance

When coming to content management you are required with scalability and performance of the website, as business keep growing your website need to be well performed such you will be having a lot of content on the website and a lot of the users will be also using the website it might slow down because of not using the right cms

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Website Analytics

You may then take action based on your business findings, such as enhancing your website, generating targeted audience lists, and so on. Analysis of web analytics is a key element of it. It distinguishes the optimizers from other people who have an opinion.

website analytics
content analytics

Content Analytics

With syndigo and our comprehensive suite of ecommerce analytics tools, you may improve content integrity through optimization and assess retailer requirements. Content scoring is a total number calculated using attribution modelling to determine the effectiveness of a single piece of content in converting leads to sales.

customer analytics

Customer Analytics

Make use of customer data with customer analytics analyzing behaviour. Customer analytics allows you to keep servicing your current customers, avoid churn, and strengthen your connections. Data science and advanced analytics are used to increase client value.

open source web analytics

Open Source Web Analytics

Integrate open source analytics to easy-to-understand report that shows how visitors interact with your website. Open source web analytics software for tracking and analysing how users interact with your websites and services.

Find out more about Website Analytics


Ninjasites' built-in capability allows you to create blocks. You'll discover a variety of templates in the blocks section, and you may use them to make a webpage for your website.

create blocks

Create Blocks

Build a blog with default templates and creat webpages which with the help of bulder you can add or custmize your own blocks for the webpages

block publish

Block Publish

Publish your block after crating it that with the help of our block builder tool and publish it to add blocks in webpages to make website easy

manage block

Manage Block

Ninjasites gives you complete control over the blocks you utilise and manage. You can use blocks to help you design your website the way you want it. You can add, alter, resize, move, duplicate, and delete them.

Find out more about Blocks


Create webpage in real-time and immediately see the results. Using ninjasites themes visual controls, create and personalize your pages.



Create engaging websites by adding background images or videos, and enabling effects and transitions of webpages.

modern  themes

Modern Themes

Always get new themes according to season and latest themes which are prefixed and default themes or you can manage it as per the season and trend.

text editor

Text Editor

Text editor allowed you to edit text colour, size, style this will help you to attract the users as it is different from other websites res as they are fancy and amazing.

Find out more about Themes

Blog Builder

Ninjasites offers a number of free, responsive blog templates that you may use on your website or online business. Every template is attractive right out of the box and can be adjusted to match your design and website objectives.

blog builder
personal blog

Personal Blog

With ninjasites' straightforward step by step guide on how to establish a blog for beginners, you can build your own blog with step-by-step video, photos, and free personal support.

business blog

Business Blog

Our blog templates are designed to cater to the needs of both entrepreneurs and enterprises. Whether it's new business prospects, industry trends, technological know-hows, or digital marketing, we've got you covered. We desire to contribute to the global economy's expansion.

Find out more about Blog Builder

Payment Gateway for Website

Secure payments from your customers most widely used online payment platforms like stripe, paypal, etc,.

payment gateway for website
popular payment gateways

Popular Payment Gateways

We use the best payment gateways to make accepting and processing credit and debit card payments online as straightforward as possible. You may take all major payment kinds from your clients straight on your website using our payment gateway.

multiple currency

Multiple Currency

Convert your offer to multi-currency prices so that clients don't have to pay extra for currency conversion, which can boost your sales. When your firm accepts credit cards from clients in several currencies, it is known as multi-currency payment processing.

secure payments

Secure Payments

Our secure payments system provides real-time payment fraud prevention, constant risk assessment, and the capacity to comply with regulatory requirements. The secure payments software platform maintains the highest level of pci certification, ensuring the security of credit card data for clients.

Find out more about Payment Gateway for Website

Accelerated Mobile Page

To make a better, faster-loading site, use super-fast accelerated mobile pages for android/ios. The goal of amp is to make a mobile website faster. Amp stands for accelerated mobile pages, and it's a technique for making your website load quicker on mobile devices.

accelerated mobile page
mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

Make your website mobile-friendly by utilising css to adjust it on a mobile phone or computer as needed. All ninjasites themes are mobile-friendly and look fantastic on any device.

responsive design

Responsive Design

All of the templates are incredibly polished and attractive, allowing non-technical people to create great, professional-looking websites. Browse the top free html5 responsive website templates for businesses, portfolios, and blogs.

decrease page load

Decrease Page Load

Publishers can take efforts to reduce the time it takes for a website to load. Improving loading speeds by optimising for mobile is a good idea. All templates have a lower page load since they are constructed with less code.

Find out more about Accelerated Mobile Page

Page Builder

Build search engine-optimized web pages that are equally visually appealing and enhance your web presence like never before with ninjasites page builder tools.

page builder
customized templates

Customized Templates

Choose from the wide range of customizable templates to get the most visually appealing look for your web pages.

built-in templates

Built-in Templates

Use built-in templates to get started in seconds. Choose the template theme and start adding blocks to create a web page.

page preview

Page Preview

See page previews while and after creating pages so that you know what's been worked on and make changes accordingly.

page search

Page Search

Search all pages through a centralized search functionality and search for the right pages anytime you want.

manual coding

Manual Coding

Make your website more interactive by adding additional functionalities through manual coding.

add categories

Add Categories

Categorize your webpages to organize them better so that you never lose track of all your assets.

in-built editor

In-built Editor

Add text, media, do formatting the way you like, and much more with a robust, easy to use in-built editor.

permanent blocks

Permanent Blocks

Create permanent blocks for your pages to use them across all the pages of your website.

Find out more about Page Builder


To make browsing easier, all of the templates have been divided into categories. The following sections will be visible: business and services, store, creative, community, and blog. Hover your mouse over each one to see the subcategories and choose the templates that best suit your business.

pre-defined themes

Pre-defined Themes

Among the predefined themes, you'll find ready-made themes for your unique platform.

responsive templates

Responsive Templates

Display your website across a wide range of devices using the responsive templates.

custom templates

Custom Templates

Make website development cycle quicker by using website templates. Design your website with the provided custom options. Another advantage of utilizing a ninjasites custom template is that it is less expensive, so if you are on a tight budget, this is a good option.

Find out more about Templates

Website Creator

Your website design provides you a leg up by including basic design aspects such as layout, color, and font style. What if you need to add extra pages but aren't sure where to begin? This is where ninjasites' pre-designed templates would be helpful to enhance your website building in one go.

website creator
create website in minutes

Create Website in Minutes

The challenge in the creation of a website is to take much time in the creation of that particular website. Ninjasites have identified that challenge in creation.

powerful design tools

Powerful Design Tools

The designing tool provided by ninjasites will help you to customize your website according to the idea you have.

drag-and-drop builder

Drag-and-drop Builder

Without any technical skills, drag-and-drop website builder makes it simple to create a professional-looking website.

Find out more about Website Creator

Website Maker

Building your website is only the first step. Adding features, plug-ins, and other design elements can be overwhelming for some freelancers. With so many options available to you, it's hard to know where to begin. These are three of the most popular site builder features used by businesses today.

website maker
custom fonts

Custom Fonts

Using a distinctive font on your website is a terrific approach to making your design stand out in the crowd.

create blog pages

Create Blog Pages

If you want to sell your business, build a portfolio, or discover the perfect creative outlet, you might be asking how to start a blog.

total design freedom

Total Design Freedom

Discover the platform that provides you with complete control over how you create, design, maintain and develop your online presence.

Find out more about Website Maker

Landing Page Builder

By using ninjasites, building a landing page is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to get more traffic from your website, though. Not only will this help you generate more leads, it gives you an opportunity to test out messaging and visuals that can then be incorporated into other parts of your marketing funnel.

landing page builder
low code page builder

Low Code Page Builder

No need of spending hours of time in designing a page as low code page builder software is here.

generate leads

Generate Leads

Website designs improve the lead generation process as it’s the first count to begin and grow online. Create greater online presence by designing lead capturing pages using ninjasites.

ab testing for landing pages

AB Testing for Landing Pages

Know what version of landing pages receive more clicks through a/b testing method. Simplify landing page building options with the help of ninjasites.

Find out more about Landing Page Builder

Ecommerce Website Builder

Anyone can build a great website for ecommerce businesses. You don't have to be an expert in html, jss, javascript, and other coding languages to build your online shop.

ecommerce website builder
ecommerce tracking - google analytics

eCommerce Tracking - Google Analytics

You can use ecommerce measurement to track the number of transactions and income generated by your website. When a user clicks the "buy" button in their browser on a normal ecommerce site, the user's purchase information is transferred to the web server, which completes the transaction.

integrated payment gateways

Integrated Payment Gateways

Integrated payment gateways connect your store or business to gateway services via an application programming interface (api). It also has a simple shopping cart, several customization possibilities, online invoicing, and the ability to accept credit card payments over the phone.

build with security

Build with Security

Ascertain that your customers are comfortable shopping with you and on your website. Create, manage, and grow a successful web-based business. Your online store is a complex system with numerous components that must communicate with one another, including your server, web apps, users, and network connectivity.

sell online anything

Sell Online Anything

Sell from your website to in-person, online marketplaces, and social media networks with ease. From a single dashboard, you can grow and manage your business and sales.

Find out more about Ecommerce Website Builder

Popup for Website

Pop-ups are an effective way of providing information to visitors on websites with low bounce rates like ecommerce sites. Pop-ups can be used for promoting discounts, informing visitors of new arrivals and informing them of the benefits of using the site including online payment methods and shipping services.

popup for website
lightbox popups

Lightbox Popups

Make lightboxes for your website that are basic and minimalist. This plugin is also a fantastic choice for novices because it is simple. It’s user-friendly and makes adding lightboxes to webpages really easy.

floating bar

Floating Bar

You can lock it up the floating bar on your website as long as visitor sticks in the website. The floating bar is a great format for high-converting opt-in as well as other calls to action.

registration popups

Registration Popups

One of the greatest methods to attract your visitors to register on your site is to use a popup registration form. You may then ask them to finish the registration on the same page they're on instead of directing them to another page.

lead magnet popup builder

Lead Magnet Popup Builder

Create an exit-intent popup programme that generates leads and optimises conversions. It is created for online companies to use popups, forms, sidebars, and nanobars to target website users in order to enhance leads, conversions, and sales.

coupon code or promotion

Coupon Code or Promotion

Ninjasites allows you to create your own discount coupon pop-up. By giving free coupons, discounts, and promo codes on your website, you may increase sales, cart value, and improve your customers' shopping experience.

Find out more about Popup for Website

Dynamic Web Page

Today, construct responsive websites in your browser using our online website builder. See why our professional website builder is so popular among designers. With our page builder, you can create an informative and successful landing page site using dynamic pages.

dynamic web page
dynamic rendering

Dynamic Rendering

Our ninjasites allows you to dynamically render your website. To provide google the best crawling experience, we transform your complicated site into flat html, add world-class structured data to each page, and host your pre-rendered site in a cache layer.

ability to code

Ability to Code

With the greatest free wysiwyg html website builder and page editor, you can create html websites. Using the ninjasite website builder to create your own website is a great way to create a professional-looking site without having to know html.

Find out more about Dynamic Web Page

Site Builder

Create your website and spend as much time as you need. To add extra pages, simply add a site plan. Ninjasites allows designers to create great, bespoke websites without writing a single line of code.

site builder
create own website

Create Own Website

Create, tweak, and advertise a beautiful website on your own with ease. With ninjasite's website builder, you can create your own mobile-friendly, gorgeous website.

professional online store

Professional Online Store

With a website builder, you can include an e-commerce component. This is accomplished by either integrating with a popular shopping cart system like shopify or magento or by introducing a shopping cart module where the website builder has its own online store.

create blogs

Create Blogs

Blogging capabilities allow you to create posts in a specified format, handle comments, archive old posts automatically, create categories, and encourage social sharing. Some services also allow you to host your blog with a custom url.

Find out more about Site Builder

Website Development

Start from scratch or select from over wide range professionally designed templates that you can fully edit using the drag and drop website builder. Use video backdrops, scroll effects, and animation to bring your site to life.

website development
build from scratch

Build From Scratch

Building a website from scratch may sound like a daunting task, but there are many tools and resources that can make it easier. Websites can be built with the help of website builders like ninjasites.

no coding skills

No Coding Skills

With ninjasites there is no technical or programming abilities required. Website builders use drag-and-drop technology and a user-friendly interface design to allow the average person to type in text, upload images, or change and move any element with a simple click.

easy and simple

Easy and Simple

Almost all website builders have a drag-and-drop feature, which eliminates the need for the user to enter new code for each modification.  As a result, the user has the opportunity to easily update the content, upload images/ files are required.

Find out more about Website Development

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What is Website Building Software?

Build an online presence using NinjaSites in five simple steps. Create your website using website building software without the need for much coding.

What is a Website Builder?

Many web hosting services offer built-in site builders, making it easy to do all your website creation tasks in one place. However, most if not all website developers host your site as part of their overall package on their servers, so you may never come across the word "web hosting" as it is an unspoken thing.

How to Build a Website From Scratch?

How can you build a website? Here are the four ultimate and proven ways to build a website that exactly suits your business.

What are the Features of Website Building Software?

NinjaSites offers the ultimate features to build a website without much effort. Here are the features of website building software to be considered.

How Website Building Software Helps B2B Companies?

Consider your B2B website to be your company's digital storefront - it is the simplest way for you to get your products and services in front of interested parties. It's your chance to explain your USP in detail and emphasize the business benefits your solutions may bring.

What Is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are often used to sell products or products. They offer a single goal for the visitor to accomplish - signing up for an email list.

How to Build a Great Landing Page?

There is a special recipe (put together and perfected by inbound marketers all over the world) that you should follow to increase your odds of conversion on the landing page.

What do You Need Before Creating a Landing Page?

One of the first steps in creating a successful landing page is to plan out the content and design your services ahead of time

What are the Features of Website Builder?

Website creators are a great advantage if you have multiple customers - whether it's a corporate site, blog, landing page, e-commerce, e-mail shop, or portfolio - because you don't have to set up design, back-end access, and hosting configuration from scratch every time.

What are the Benefits of Website Builder?

Hiring an agency or freelancer to design and develop your website is a good investment, but it can be expensive. In addition, you need to pay for a web host to ensure that your site stays online.

Why do Businesses Choose Codeless Website Builder?

NinjaSites is one of the best-known brands of website building tools and is ideal for artists and photographers to develop professional websites.

How does Website Builder help in Building Ecommerce Websites?

If you have more complex needs, want to take advantage of simple computer studies, and need a builder, try a platform like NinjaSites.

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