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Google Ads Integration for NinjaSites

Google ads integrations are the linking of google ad words to your website. These are usually just text ads that you can find all over the internet. Google is the largest search engine in the world and they want you to use their program. They want to show advertising on every possible screen, not just computers. Google is all about making money and profit.

bid settings

Bid Settings

Google bids and other advertising settings allow advertisers to manage bidding strategies for ads based on the type of ads served and Google's auction-based system.

AD Targeting

Google ads AD tracking is a way for advertisers to track the actions of users, identify what they clicked on most, and find information about the display settings. This allows advertisers to target their ads more efficiently, giving them more opportunities for success.

ad targeting
ad sheduling

AD Sheduling

Google Ad Scheduling is an automated method of placing ads in search results. The advertiser chooses the time intervals when they would like their advert to show on the screen, and Google automatically adjusts the advert to fit these criteria.

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