Payment Gateway for Website

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Credit cards are processed through a payment gateway in both online and offline establishments. It sends and receives critical data between websites/mobile devices and payment processors/banks.

Payment Gateway for Website

Integrate payment gateways for widely used payment methods with NinjaSites

Submit information to a secure payment gateway, a website with an integrated payment form is employed. It is not an issue to take online payments without a website or a mobile application.

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popular payment gateways

Popular Payment Gateways

When it comes to starting an internet business, there are a lot of decisions to be made. Choosing the finest payment gateway that allows your consumers to make purchases on your website is a critical choice you can't afford to overlook.

multiple currency

Multiple Currency

Payment Gateway merchants enjoy hassle-free activation as well as real-time currency conversion to get payouts at purchase prices. Accepts worldwide credit cards and offers pricing in a variety of currencies. With our multi-currency payment solutions, you may expand into new areas and close more purchases.

secure payments

Secure Payments

Make a safe transaction. Many families would want to pay for their services from the convenience of their own homes. To make this simple, secure, and quick, we provide a secure payment option.

What is Payment Gateway for Website?

Payment Gateway is a payment processing company, which enables you to accept payments from credit cards or bank accounts. A payment gateway is an independent system that sits between your online store and your customers’ card issuer. Payment gateways are used to process transactions in different ways depending on the type of payment device used by the customer. For example, if you offer credit card transactions, then your gateway will simply charge the customer's account when their purchase clears.

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